"Personal and Team Effectiveness with Microsoft Outlook" Training

Course of Anna Sikorska

Two-days training for team that wants to upgrade its professional level and effectiveness. This becomes possible after acquisition of knowledge and skills on time management and interaction.

When the training is needed
Training program
Participants feedbacks
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  • To understand, accept and learn the principles and methodology of effective work in a team based on time management rules.
  • Learn to work with Microsoft Outlook – workflow organization and planning tool .
  • Create uniform standards of interaction in a team.

When the Training Is Needed

  • You feel that work in your company is not organized the way it should be. There is disorder in your team. Not all of its members plan their work.
  • You would like to increase orientation of your team on achievement of concrete goals. You wish to receive positive outcome from the work of your team. It is important that it works together in one direction.
  • You wish to learn how to prioritize your tasks and plan your work in the way that in less period of time to gain better results.
  • You would like to learn new techniques and tools of work organization. It should take your team to a new higher level.
  • You know that Microsoft Outlook gives lots of opportunities to make work process easier. You would like to use all the benefits of the program.
  • It is important to avoid stress in your work. You want to learn how to control tasks – both yours and delegated. It is time to get reed of chaos and learn to make decisions, not just react to stimuli of environment.


The duration of training is 2 working days with the lunch break.

The cost of the course usually covers trainer’s fee, handouts, personal certificates for participants. Additional cost may be trainer’s transfer, hotel and meals in case learning is planned out of Kyiv.

The cost usually does not cover the rent of conference-room for training purpose, lunch and coffee-breaks, installation of Microsoft Exchange Server and customization of the program at participants’ computers. These services are available at extra cost according to our agreement with client.

If You are interested in the training, You are welcome to call or write to us. We’ll be glad to discuss all the details.

Training Program

Training program is corrected each time according to customer’s needs. We adjust the program taking into account specific goals and unique peculiarities of a client.

Contact us by e-mail or phone. And we will be happy to discuss with You the training program

Participants Feedbacks

I liked the training very much. I think it is very useful. Work with Outlook really helps me to save time and work with more productivity. And more, what really matters to me is that I will be able to organize myself. I will use all the program features. Many thanks to Anna Sikorska for interesting interactive way in which she shared information.

Inna Vulytska,
Head of Legal Department, Daliz Finance


The training is great. I learned lot of new and interesting things. I learned to use the features of Outlook program. I think, I will practice my work by categories and time in the nearest future. This will let me do it more productively and effectively. Most of all I liked planning in calendar.

Iryna Teslia,
Sales Manager, Daliz Finance


Interesting! Tasks planning I liked the most. It is great that there is possibility to set deadlines and place tasks into calendar. Interesting interpretation of the whole course by trainer.

Vasyliy Dekalchuk

Additional Related Services

Installation of Microsoft Exchange Server

You would like to work with Microsoft Outlook not only by yourself but also interacting with the members of Your team. In that case we offer our services. We will install the server that will let you work with joint tasks, calendars, contacts and other information. You will be able to delegate and control tasks completion status. Organization of meetings in Outlook, work with company resources will also be available.

Consulting on Work with Microsoft Exchange Server for System Administrator

If Your system administrator needs to upgrade knowledge in work with the server, we are ready to organize the individual learning. Coaching for system administrator may also cover other interesting IT topics.

The program of individual learning is made case by case according to client’s needs and goals. Payment by the hour.

Integration of Microsoft Project EPM, Consulting and Training on Project Management

You have already learned and practiced time management principles and managed to organize your functional work in effective way. It is very much possible that You would want to learn a modern project management tool. If you work on projects – unique and specific tasks that should be done by a certain deadline – we offer You our service. We offer You to integrate Microsoft Project at your company! Integration covers different kinds of service, starting from server installation to consulting and training.

Conference Servicing

If You do not wish to take care of such concerns as class rent, lunch and coffee-breaks organization for participants, we are ready to help You and cover these topics. To discuss all the details on the training, please, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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