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Course of Vitaliy Tylizhenko

We offer You two-day training on project management with Microsoft Project! The training covers both theory of project management and practice in Microsoft Project 2007.

When the training is needed

Training program
Participants feedbacks
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  • Learn about Project management and how it is better to work on projects
  • Formulate, initiate, plan, control, successfully execute and complete projects
  • Practice in Project Management tool – Microsoft Project
  • Learn to work in a team with Enterprise Project Management (EPM) under the project
  • Be able to use methodology of project classification and project risks analysis.
  • Understand how it is possible to complete projects in time and using limited budget
  • Manage portfolio of projects  taking into account their priority

When the Training Is Needed

All companies that deal with projects need project management. The more projects you have, the more labour force and material resources are involved into several projects simultaneously, the more expensive projects you work on and the tighter deadlines are – the more need you have in use of project management methodology.

Easy way to determine whether the company needs to manage projects using methodology an tools or not – is to find out if there are deviations in deadlines and budgets of completed or current projects. The more deviations – the more company needs methodology of project management.

You may analyze problems as well. In most cases problems are the same. Still, there are differences in priorities and importance.

Main problems:

  • Time schedule (deviation)
  • Budget (deviation)
  • Complexity in interaction of people participating in several projects
  • Ineffective utilization of either labour force or equipment (dead-time changes with overload and visa versa) 
  • Data reporting (reporting take too much time)
  • Operational control and forecasting
  • Complexity of planning new projects (Are there enough resources to complete project? When to start it? When to take credit? Who is overloaded and who should be hired?)
  • Quality control
  • In big companies it is duplicating projects in different departments.
  • Missed opportunities to use collected experience in new projects and for new employees                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


The duration of training is 2 working days with the lunch break.

The cost of the course usually covers trainer’s fee, handouts, personal certificates for participants. Additional cost may be trainer’s transfer, hotel and meals in case learning is planned out of Kyiv.

The cost usually does not cover the rent of conference-room for training purpose, lunch and coffee-breaks, installation of Microsoft Exchange Server and customization of the program at participants’ computers. These services are available at extra cost according to our agreement with client.

If You are interested in the training, You are welcome to call or write to us. We’ll be glad to discuss all the details. 



The experience of project management shows – company that has begun to use methodology, saves at least 10% of project cost. The average savings at several projects reach 20-30% and more depending on the previous deviations and to what extend the methodology is used.

Benefits of project management for director:

  • On-going access to “big picture” of work status in project portfolio
  • Forecasting and management of project results
  • Evaluation of company needs in resources, abilities to start and successfully complete new projects

Benefits for project manager:

  • Objectivation of  project needs in resources
  • Effective action planning, control of action completion and results forecasting
  • Consistency of  projects being active simultaneously

Benefits of project management for organization:

  • More effective utilization of its resources, decrease in dead-time for employees and equipment
  • Increase of management quality. Plans on project budget and deadlines are followed. Decrease of project expenses
  • Strategic goals are reached
  • Effective project management lets company develop faster and with less cost
  • Skills in project management are important in market competition

Training Program

Training program is corrected each time according to customer’s needs. We adjust the program taking into account specific goals and unique peculiarities of a client.

Contact us by e-mail or phone. And we will be happy to discuss with You the training program.

Participants Feedbacks

Training is useful. You can see project expenses, availability of employees. As a result you can optimize time, people and other resources. As for the director – it is great.

Tamara Tinus - Director 


The training, I believe, is very useful. I would like to try in practice everything we have learned. Thank you so much! 

Iryna Buyanova – Finance Director


Very useful!
I will use this!
Thank you!

Yuriy Tinus – Director


Thank you very much, I liked everything. I think, the program itself will be very useful. I will set up projects.

Inna Vulytska

Additional Related Services

Installation of Microsoft Project Server

You would like to work with Microsoft Project not only by yourself but also interacting with the members of Your team. In that case we offer our services.  We will install the server that will let you work with joint projects, documents and other information. You will be able to delegate and control tasks completion status. Receiving notifications via Microsoft Outlook, work with company resources will also be available.

Consulting on Work with Microsoft Project Server for System Administrator

If  Your system administrator needs to upgrade knowledge in work with the server, we are ready to organize individual learning. Coaching for system administrator may also cover other interesting IT topics.
The program of individual learning is made case by case according to client’s needs and goals.  Payment by the hour.

Integration of Microsoft Enterprise Project Management - EPM

If You have already learned the basic principles of time management and know how to organize your functional activity, than You might want to become familiar with a new modern project management tool. We offer You to integrate Microsoft EPM in your company! You will be able to successfully work on projects – unique and specific tasks, that should be completed by certain deadline. Integration includes all kinds of services: starting from server installation up to consulting and training.

Preparation of Consultant on Project Management

In case company would like to prepare consultant on project management and integrate project management system using internal resources, we are ready to offer all the consulting needed. Learning for consultant covers all the structure of Microsoft EPM. Program of learning changes each time according to company specifics and needs.

Coaching on Project Management

Coaching is the art and practice of inspiring, energizing, and facilitating the performance, learning and development of  the player. (Myles Downey, «Effective Coaching»), It is an alternative for courses and training for those who is looking for individual approach.

Individual learning has lot of benefits:
  • Flexibility. Customer chooses time and duration of learning
  • Optimization. Opportunity to choose topic and level of studies
  • Convenience. Learning can be organized at customer’s office or ours as well.
  • Practical approach. Cases are customer’s projects.
  • Level of involvement. Coaching helps person to find the answers on his/her own. Coacher shows the direction, how to solve problems. The answers found by a person will never be forgotten.

Duration of coaching session is not less than 2 hours. The cost is 300 uah/hour.

Conference Servicing

If  You do not wish to take care of such concerns as class rent, lunch and coffee-breaks organization for participants, we are ready to help You and cover these topics. To discuss all the details on the training, please, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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